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Simply equating sales with the sale of services and products does not do him justice. Diverse tasks are grouped around this core competence. Rely on our recruitment agency for sales now and bring the best talent into your company!

Talente für den Vertrieb
Talente für den Vertrieb

Which industries benefit from recruitment in sales?

The tasks of sales range from pricing and cooperation with marketing to involvement in the product range. Of course, no company can do without sales.


It is always exciting in this context that a company only works as a whole. A department alone can do little. The four Ps describe this very aptly:


  • Price: an important strategic tool that can be used flexibly by sales through commissions and trading margins
  • Product: Goods or services from a company that, in the best case, clearly stand out from the competition
  • Place: the possibilities of the various sales channels. Depending on the industry, service or product, online sales are still growing strongly.
  • Promotion: Advertising, discount campaigns, events: without marketing it will be difficult.

From A for automotive to T for tourism: Sales is one of the driving forces behind economic success. Of course, that also means that the best talents have to go. Companies face the difficult challenge of finding them. Personnel managers not only have to contend with the direct consequences of the ubiquitous shortage of skilled workers.


In addition, top-class candidates choose their employers very carefully. What further training opportunities are there? Which challenges have to be mastered? How creatively can a top talent contribute to his position? Is the work paid appropriately? Companies across all industries benefit from our expertise.


We don’t just look for and find the best talent. We work tailor-made, needs-based and precise. Sales recruitment is one of the main segments we specialize in.


What is important in recruitment for sales?

It is possibly the mixture of persuasiveness, communication skills, resilience and enthusiasm that characterizes sales employees. Personal contact with customers is also an essential part of certain jobs in sales.


The goal of the sales department is clear: In the end, there is an increase in the company’s turnover. To achieve them, two stable pillars are essential: customer acquisition and customer retention. These pillars are based on the flexibility to grant discounts and to be able to bring a certain freedom of action to customer discussions.


Companies can also choose between direct and indirect sales; often a mixture of both. Depending on the target group, online sales also play a major role.


Here alone it is becoming apparent that candidates for sales positions have to keep an eye on the big picture. Corporate goals, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are a juggling game that needs to be mastered. Sales employees are multi-talents who are trained for this.


In order to find outstanding talent for your company as a modern headhunter in sales, we at Lionstep use different sources. Social media apps, our in-house careers site and our talent pool are just a few. We search and find worldwide, more than 40,000 talents contact our experts monthly.


We respond individually to the needs of our customers. The prerequisite for this is a personal conversation in order to precisely define this need. Contact us! We look forward to getting to know you and your company.


What is crucial for us is what a sales representative has to sell. Selling products and solutions are quite different and require very different skills from the salesperson. A product is usually very easy to describe and clearly defined. Imagine a coffee machine or a car – a salesperson knows the advantages and disadvantages pretty well and can compare them well with competing products. A seller of an integrated IT solution will never be able to sell a product, but will always have to propose a solution to the customer. There are hardly any simple competitor analyses, but for this the customer must be interviewed and a concept must be developed. The sales person has to think much more holistically, the sales processes take longer – all this does not necessarily correspond to every sales person.

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What jobs are there in sales?

From the field service to the head of sales: Sales includes a large number of differentiated jobs. Sales coordinator, sales team leader, pre-sales manager or after-sales manager: they can all be assigned to sales. Jobs in customer service or the activities of account managers are just as essential.


Sales reps can be found where their customers are. Or where the pricing takes place and the internal adjustment screws of customer retention and acquisition are set. The requirements for the skills of the talents are correspondingly different. Here it is important to use both soft skills and qualifications precisely.


Lionstep, as a recruitment agency for sales, is also happy to support your company in finding the perfectly fitting talents. Our specially developed CELS system serves as a guideline:


  • Compensation: Describes the adequate remuneration for a specific position. Salary and other benefits are decisive for commitments of the best talents.
  • Employer branding: The attractiveness of employers can be actively increased. We show methods and possibilities.
  • Location: Is home office or remote work possible? Flexibility is the magic word here.
  • Skills: Which exact skills are necessary for the best possible filling of a position? Also in focus: the cultural fit. If it fits humanly, nothing stands in the way of an outstanding cooperation.
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How much does sales recruitment cost?

Recruitment in sales, sales or personnel consulting in sales – they all stand for a service that we at Lionstep provide every day. Companies approach us for very different reasons.


Start-ups often need a lot of staff at once. New employees are being sought, from sales coordinators to management positions in the field. All options are open to you with Lionstep. We look for and find your talents within a very short time.


Large companies, on the other hand, face a daily flood of applications. Chronically understaffed HR departments are tied up in the operative business, strategic decisions fall by the wayside. With RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), our customers opt for needs-based support from us as a professional service provider. Outsource your recruitment processes to us in whole, in part or on a project basis – as required.

Our scalable processes allow you to adapt to your recruitment needs at any time. We would be happy to tell you more about your options in a joint, non-binding discussion.


Our customers save up to 50 percent compared to working with conventional recruiters. This is due to our digitally optimized processes. Wherever possible, our processes are cost-efficient and automated. And where it is appropriate, our experts get in personal contact with talents and customers.


For us it is like salt in the soup: Our goal is for our customer companies to be successful. The contact, the development of strategies and a shared sense of achievement have motivated us since our founding in 2016. And there is no end in sight.


Find out more about our transparent pricing here. Simply top up your credit, use it up gradually and book additional services flexibly.

Welche Branchen nutzen die Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure?

Recruitment in sales with Lionstep

Good employees in sales are hard to find, nobody knows that better than we do. Companies keep coming to us with the same task: Find good sales people! Then what do we do? Of course, roll up your sleeves and find good sales people.


With active sourcing and the proactive approach to talent, we have all the options of modern recruitment open to us. And we use them efficiently, scalably and effectively. The synergy of expert knowledge and our award-winning IT platform is the basis for our actions.


Contact us today and tell us what you need. We find tailor-made solutions for your recruitment in sales.

Welche Branchen nutzen die Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure?
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