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What company doesn’t want to have their finances firmly under control? And that requires the best finance talents. From the operative level of processing to C-Level: Feel free to contact us. Your recruitment for finance is in good hands with us.

Finance Department
Finance Department
Personalvermittlung für Finance

Which companies benefit from finance recruitment?

It becomes clear again and again: A company cannot function without the cooperation of the various departments. What would production be without product development, management without its employees, finance without sales? Relatively unemployed, one might think. The companies that benefit from finance recruitment are future-oriented and interested in strategically optimized processes.


Because the finance department is the control center that is indispensable in any company. Who, if not the employees of the finance department, knows a company so precisely down to the smallest detail? Finances are dry and the job is boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Creativity is just as important here as structure, team spirit and the performance of each individual person.


In large companies, finance jobs are differentiated. Smaller companies hire multi-talents who often combine multiple job descriptions. Whatever the strategy, employees in the finance department know what the numbers are like in the company. This applies to everything from the financial status to the profit situation to outstanding receivables.


Start-ups are often in a special situation. Many positions have to be filled at once. Skilled workers are hard to find and the time pressure is great. The simple and inexpensive solution: work with us as a recruiter for finance and much more! We look for and find the best talent for you – whether start-up, medium-sized company or large corporation.

Personalvermittlung für Finance

What is important when recruiting for finance?

We can actually summarize our entire experience as a finance recruiter in one sentence. Talent and company have to fit together, then most of it is already done. Incidentally, this applies not only to the financial sector, but also to all other jobs.


Cultural fit is often crucial for talented people to choose a company. Qualifications are often more or less interchangeable – gut feelings are not. Desired specialists can choose their jobs at their leisure. It is up to companies to present themselves attractively as employers.


Our assessments support companies in establishing and specifying their employer branding. What vision does the company have, what goals should it achieve? What benefits can talent be offered? How are mistakes dealt with, how transparent does management communicate? High potentials and skilled workers are not only looking for employers, but also for a company in which they can actively contribute.


The talents that we look for and find for you as a modern headhunter for finance are no exception. In our conversations with talent, we value integrity. As a neutral third party, we can describe jobs authentically. This gives talented people a comprehensive view of what awaits them.

Assessments für Finanzbereich
Assessments für Finanzbereich

What jobs are there in finance?

People who are trained in finance have a knack for and a penchant for numbers. But that’s not all. Strategic thinking, an eye for the big picture and an affinity for complex tabular relationships are also part of the job profile. Finance people are all-rounders who have a decisive influence on the fate of a company.


In close coordination with other departments of a company, Finance has both cash flow and receivables management under control. And the job descriptions in this area are just as extensive as the tasks. As a personnel consultancy for finance, we look for and find your talents:


  • Accountant
  • Consultant
  • Banking economist
  • Controller
  • Financial Advisor
  • Fundraiser
  • Key account manager
  • Tax advisor
  • Auditor


In order to find the best talent, we use the most modern means of communication. With Active Sourcing and thus the proactive approach to talent, we exploit the full range of possibilities. Because it is like this: The best talents are often not even looking for a job. why? A company may have already convinced you of its advantages, job advertisements are irrelevant and are not read.


Curiosity may be aroused by being addressed directly by e-mail. Many talents are open to new things. If there is interest, then a few clicks on the smartphone are enough. Our experts then immediately get in touch with the talents personally. We write up to 300 talents per position. As a company, you benefit one-to-one from this enormous reach.


How much does finance recruitment cost?

In order to be able to present our services as transparently as possible, we have chosen a simple way. In the prepaid principle, our customers top up their credit and only pay for what is actually done. In other words: the credit is gradually used up. A separate login ensures clarity at all times – both about the status of the credit and the job advertisements.

These are the advantages of our pricing model at a glance:


  • Top up credit and use it flexibly
  • Simply keep an eye on costs
  • Book premium services easily
  • Use credits for twelve months
  • no hidden fees 


Last but not least, our customers save money with our services. We can offer our service 50 percent cheaper than conventional recruiters. Why is that? Quite simply: in the synergy of digitized and optimized processes. And in our expertise and empathy, which we use to find the best strategies for our customers.


Our processes are scalable and easily adaptable to your current recruitment needs. Talk to us and find out more about your options!


Lionstep: Your recruiter for finance and more

In addition to active sourcing, we specialize in Recruitment Process Outsourcing. With active sourcing, we can fill vacancies quickly and precisely. With RPO we support your recruitment project-related, partially or all-inclusive. You want to outsource the job interviews? Do you want to open up a new region and need employees for this? No matter what your needs are: We have your personnel solution.


Because we at Lionstep want our customers to be successful. Since our foundation in 2016, we have been able to support over 900 companies. With over 100 employees at over 15 locations, we are broadly positioned. In this way, we can also master complicated requirements with ease.


Feel free to contact us today and get to know our team. We are the solution for your company and your staffing needs. And we look forward to helping shape the success of your company.

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