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High potentials, experienced specialists, the best talents and candidates - companies in the pharmaceutical industry have a great need for personnel. The industry is booming and at the same time constantly faces new challenges. Lionstep is happy to take on recruitment for pharmaceutical professions.

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Find the right talent

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Reduce recruiting costs

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Achieve your HR goals

What are the advantages of recruiting for pharmaceutical jobs?

Personnel managers know: the positions are there, the budget is available, the company goals absolutely call for certain positions. Just filling the positions is difficult if not impossible.


Vacancies remain vacant for too long, consuming time and money. It is not just the shortage of skilled workers that is affecting companies. It is not uncommon for the HR departments themselves to be understaffed and tied up in day-to-day operations. Strategic decisions and planning or the often complicated search for specific positions to be filled are neglected.


And this is where pharmaceutical recruitment comes in. But what are the advantages of an external service provider for my company?


  • We have various sources at our disposal from which we can find and contact suitable candidates at any time. These include our talent pool and social media apps.
  • Our synergies of digitized processes and human empathy create a positive candidate experience. Companies that work with us benefit directly from this.
  • Time and cost savings: In contrast to classic recruiters, our customers save up to 50 percent in costs. The right mix of automated processes and expert knowledge is the open secret here.
  • Scalable processes: We work tailor-made and as required. Our customers only pay for what they get. There are no hidden fees and no opaque contracts.


Finden Sie die Besten für Stellen in der Pharma Branche
Finden Sie die Besten für Stellen in der Pharma Branche
Stellenvermittlung Pharma: Welche Unternehmen profitieren?

Pharmacy recruitment agency: Which companies benefit?

According to the Dictionary, pharmacy is the “science of medicines, of their origin, their manufacture and testing”. This relatively short definition encompasses a topic that can hardly be surpassed in terms of diversity and importance. All doors are open to anyone who decides to take up a job in the pharmaceutical industry. Typical jobs are for example:


  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical consultant
  • Pharmaceutical representative
  • Medical-scientific expert
  • Quality manager for pharmaceutical products
  • Pharmacist
  • PTA (pharmaceutical-technical assistant)


The pharmaceutical industry has long been one of the top-selling sectors. And with COVID-19, the sector has also experienced an unexpected upswing. The fact is: talented high potentials and experienced specialists are in demand in the industry like never before. From start-ups to global players: talent is desperately sought after.


Start-ups face very special challenges. Many, sometimes many, identical positions have to be filled. This is where one of the bottlenecks in such an ambitious project becomes apparent: recruitment at different levels. Anyone who outsources to us as a professional personnel service provider benefits in full. RPO is the magic word here.


The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is based on the individual needs of our customer companies. 20, 50 or 100 positions need to be filled temporarily? Management positions with very specific qualifications are up for grabs? Certain parts of personnel recruitment (active sourcing, job interviews, application procedures) should be outsourced? Contact us!


Large companies and medium-sized companies that work with us benefit from our services in their own unique way. Personnel managers work closely with us and thus master the fine line between personnel requirements and a shortage of skilled workers.


Do you want to fill managerial positions yourself, but need a reliable partner to fill vacancies in operational HR? Or is it exactly the other way around? We plan and act according to needs and individually.

Stellenvermittlung Pharma: Welche Unternehmen profitieren?

What is important for pharmaceutical recruitment?

Anyone who uses a recruitment agency for pharmaceuticals and related jobs has expectations. At Lionstep, we work every day to surpass them with that little something extra.


In order to remain competitive in recruitment for pharmaceutical companies, not only scalable, digital and process-controlled processes count. Incidentally, our in-house developed and award-winning platform is available to us for this.


However, no matter how well organized processes can be; it’s the people that count. We look after both talents and our customers personally, professionally and at a high level of service. Expressed in numbers: On the one hand, we can be proud of a positive candidate experience of 95 percent. On the other hand, 90 percent of our selected candidates are accepted by our client companies.


The advantages become clear at a glance. Both sides – both talents and companies – benefit not only from the perfect connection. In addition, our customers save up to 50 percent compared to conventional recruiters. How we do this? On the one hand with a lot of empathy, specialist knowledge and knowledge of the market, on the other hand with optimally organized internal processes.


In addition, we have excellent contacts with talented people that we can contact at any time for our customers. We have positioned and established ourselves as a headhunter for pharmaceuticals for a long time. Many successfully placed talents are the confirmation for our way.

Was ist wichtig für die Personalvermittlung für Pharma?
Was ist wichtig für die Personalvermittlung für Pharma?
Personalberatung für Pharma, Biotechnologie, Medizintechnik und mehr

Personnel consulting for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology and more

Do you work in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical technology sector and are you looking for outstanding talent for your company? Use our contacts in the industry instead of reinventing the wheel.


One way of optimally filling vacancies is a fairly new means of personnel recruitment: active sourcing. What is that? Very simple: Active Sourcing stands for the proactive and professional approach of talented people. In this way, time and costs are minimized when filling vacancies and the actual benefit is increased to the maximum.

We contact up to 300 talents per job with Active Sourcing. A certain number of interested candidates will respond to our contact. Our experts are available to give the talents personal advice. A big advantage is shown again and again. As a neutral third party, we can sell a job credibly and with integrity; Talents rely on our assessment.


A small, selected circle of suitable and motivated candidates remains in the running after these interviews. And that is exactly what we will present to you. The hiring decision is then yours alone. Important: the gut feeling must be right. Cultural fit and employer branding are factors that luckily fewer and fewer companies are underestimating.

Personalberatung für Pharma, Biotechnologie, Medizintechnik und mehr

Pharma Recruitment by Lionstep

Since our foundation in 2016 we have been working on the concept we believe in. Open communication, excellent contacts in the sectors we serve and tireless enthusiasm for our work are essential. It even goes so far that we have developed our own recruiting model: CELS.


  • C as in Compensation: Is the salary right for the skills required for the position?
  • E for Employer Branding: How can our customers optimally position themselves as an employer brand?
  • L for Location: Flexibility is one of the keywords of New Work. Is home office or remote work possible?
  • S for Skills: Which qualifications, which soft skills are necessary for a job?


Get in touch with us today and find out more about your chances and opportunities. Do you need support with recruitment for pharmaceutical companies? Would you like to learn more about our pricing or are you interested in our assessments? We look forward to getting to know you and your company.

Pharma Personalvermittlung durch Lionstep
Pharma Personalvermittlung durch Lionstep
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