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IT specialists are in demand like never before. Talents, specialists and skilled workers can choose from attractive job offers across all sectors. As a recruitment agency for IT, we ensure that the right candidates come to the right company.

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Achieve your HR goals

Recruitment for IT with modern recruiting

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone that there is an urgent need for skilled workers in the IT industry. The selection of training and specialization options alone is a clear indication of the importance of skilled workers in this industry. The courses range from business informatics and game design to IT management.


Talents in security-related jobs are also in high demand. From the receipt to the high-security system: the future is digital. IT specialists actively shape this process. When the right talents work in the right company, great things are possible. Lionstep as a recruitment agency for IT ensures the right matches.


We use and perfect the methods of modern recruiting. Index cards and a personal network of contacts as the basis for IT headhunters? Those days are over!


  • Reliable: Our in-house developed and award-winning IT platform works with powerful algorithms and processes. Companies and talents can thus be brought together quickly.
  • Tailor-made: Our services are scalable and flexible, you determine your needs.
  • Economical: Our customers save up to 50 percent in costs per position.
  • Forward-looking: Position your company as an attractive employer brand. We are happy to help.
  • Transparent: The status quo of the processes can be viewed at any time with your own login.


Personalvermittlung für IT mit modernem Recruiting
Personalvermittlung für IT mit modernem Recruiting
In welchen Branchen ist die Personalvermittlung für IT gefragt?

In which industries is recruitment for IT in demand?

The range of needs is revealed by looking at the industries that can use IT recruitment. Quite simply, inquiries for the recruitment of IT specialists are brought to us from all sectors.

It is not uncommon for positions that are difficult to fill for which a person is sought. Certain qualifications and excellent professional skills have to go together? A corresponding position has been advertised for a long time without success? We keep receiving these inquiries from companies that are struggling with the current shortage of skilled workers.

However, expanding companies and start-ups also benefit from our services. It is a common scenario that several of the same positions have to be filled at the same time. Start-ups, branch openings or the development of new markets are just a few examples. So where should the right specialists come from?


With Active Sourcing, we competently take care of IT recruitment. Proactively addressing talent can quickly and reliably lead to success. We select suitable candidates, our customers are free to make the hiring decision.


The RPO method is also part of modern recruiting. Recruitment process outsourcing can significantly relieve HR departments. Hand over your HR processes to us in whole, in part or on a project basis. We act tailor-made and as required. Our success proves us right: 90 percent of all proposed candidates are hired by our customers.

In welchen Branchen ist die Personalvermittlung für IT gefragt?

Where does Lionstep find the right talent?

This question can be answered in two ways. On the one hand, we use sources that go beyond the usual job exchange offers.

Career fairs, career portals, CV-based profiles of talents, active job searches, social media: Our sources for active sourcing are diverse.

On the other hand, we attach great importance to your attractive employer branding and a positive candidate experience. What does that mean? Quite simply: With good employer branding, we position your company attractively on the job market.

An excellent candidate experience is a win-win situation. This enables us to consider talent who do not fit a specific position for other positions if necessary. Candidates who are satisfied with us as a service provider are our best advertisement. That’s why we’re more than proud of the 93 percent positive feedback from talent we’ve had the privilege of meeting so far.

Wo findet Lionstep die passenden Talente?
Wo findet Lionstep die passenden Talente?
Wie viel kostet die Personalvermittlung für IT?

How Much Does IT Recruitment Cost?

Die Gehälter für IT-Fachkräfte gehören zu den höchsten am Arbeitsmarkt. Kund:innen von Lionstep bezahlen aber nicht anhängig von der Höhe des Gehaltes der Talente.  Gerade darum: Unsere Kunden sparen durch unsere Dienstleistungen durchschnittlich 50 Prozent Kosten pro Stellenausschreibung. Das ist auf der Basis verschiedener Maßnahmen möglich: 


  • Optimized and digitized processes, where it is necessary
  • Human experience and expertise, where possible
  • Transparent prepaid payment principle
  • Refund of unused credit


Our pricing is flexible and transparent at all times. There are no hidden fees, no opaque contract clauses. Our customers simply top up their credit, which is debited exactly after the service. Additional services can be booked individually at any time. And credit that is not used within twelve months, we refund without asking.

Wie viel kostet die Personalvermittlung für IT?

IT recruitment: Tailored exactly to your needs

We have been successful in HR consulting in Switzerland and internationally since 2016. We count over 900 companies among our satisfied customers, and more and more regular customers enrich our everyday work. It’s the right mix of AI and human empathy that makes us so unique.


We can also inspire candidates who are not currently looking for a job. We have the right sources and tools to create the right matches. Feel free to contact us at any time. Together we define your needs and find the right solution for your questions.


We are easily available to you under our contact details – whether you are a talent or a company. We will be happy to accompany you on your way with the right strategy.

IT Personalvermittlung: Exakt auf Ihren Bedarf zugeschnitten
IT Personalvermittlung: Exakt auf Ihren Bedarf zugeschnitten
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Intelligent algorithms compare hundreds of thousands of talent profiles on websites, social networks and in our talent pool. In this way, we find potential candidates digitally who exactly match your search profile.


... people connect

On average, we invite up to 300 talents to a telephone interview. On request including video and soft skill analysis. According to your specifications, we check qualifications, experience and salary expectations, among other things. We have a hit? Then it's time to introduce them to each other!


We know your industry

Every industry has its own job titles and requirements. Experienced experts support our recruiters in selecting suitable talents.


Well informed at all times

Your Lionstep online account shows all the talents we are in contact with. You get an insight into application documents and comments from our recruiters. If a talent drops out of the process, you can find out the reasons for the rejection here – including statistics and meaningful benchmarks for your industry


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Recruiters offering talent to needless companies multiple times a day? Headhunters contacting talent for completely inappropriate positions? It's frustrating. With us, both sides know what to expect - with success: 90% of the talents we recommend are invited to an interview by companies.

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