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Good recruitment for engineers not only ensures that positions are filled promptly and in the best possible way.

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Find the right talent

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Reduce recruiting costs

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Lionstep recruitment offers a number of benefits:


  • Reduction of time-to-hire through effective multi-channel search
  • 90 percent hit rate when mediated by our experienced experts
  • Highly positive candidate experience through tailor-made placement
  • 50 percent cost savings with transparent and flexible pricing models and customized services


Engineering recruitment is one of our most booked services. Hardly any other profession is in such demand. Jobs in engineering are among the best-paid professions in Germany. The development of products, technologies or services requires competent specialists and companies are desperately looking for them.

Ingenieur Personalvermittlung

Recruitment engineer: This is how our recruiting works

Our personnel consultancy for engineers accompanies talented people in their search for suitable jobs and finds suitable specialists for companies. Companies looking for a headhunter for engineers will find the right partner with a competent recruiter.


Our many years of experience and our expertise in the field of recruitment for engineering pay off here. Our automated and digitized processes help to save costs and our empathy ensures that talent and companies come together.

One of our recipes for success is Active Sourcing. HR managers know that a recruiting process can be lengthy and pose a lot of problems. Any company that specifically outsources processes acts entrepreneurially.


  • We write to potential talent, supported by our knowledge of our platform
  • If the candidate gives positive feedback, our experts will contact you directly. This allows us to clarify questions and details in a personal conversation.
  • From the up to 300 talents written to, a small group of potentially suitable talents remains. We present them to you.
  • The final hiring decision is in your hands.
  • We are happy to take over your recruiting processes in whole, in part or on a project basis.


Ingenieur Personalvermittlung

What sources are available to Lionstep for engineering recruitment?

In order to guarantee our customers the greatest possible benefit from our processes, we work with efficient sources. We combine active contact via social media, our talent pool and digital ads on job portals and social media. Each of these pillars ensures high visibility.


Through social media, we make it easy for potential talent to respond to feedback about us. A few clicks are enough. There is no interest? We analyze the reasons and can thus optimize job advertisements if necessary or inspire the talent for another position. If the feedback is positive, we will contact you directly.


With our talent pool, we use a top-class source. Here, talented people can contact us directly via a personal login. If we have a suitable position on the table, then we can approach suitable candidates directly.


Digital ads on job portals and social media make us visible to potential candidates. Similar to word of mouth, which is so valuable, we ensure a large reach from which our customers benefit one-to-one.

Welche Branchen nutzen die Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure?
Welche Branchen nutzen die Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure?
Welche Quellen stehen Lionstep für die Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure zur Verfügung?

Which Industries Use Engineering Recruitment?

More and more engineers are being sought in Germany in all sectors. In the meantime, the cross-industry work of engineers is also an exciting option. Project engineers are involved in all phases of a project. As an interface to various departments, they occupy key positions in companies.


Whether metal industry, aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering or logistics: Engineers are indispensable in the well-oiled system of forward-thinking companies. Engineers who opt for a job in consulting can also rely on us as a recruitment agency for engineers. Companies are always looking for competent decision-makers and consultants for strategic and productive orientations.

Welche Quellen stehen Lionstep für die Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure zur Verfügung?

How do we find suitable talent?

In the first step, automated processes are used to proactively address talent. We contact up to 300 talents per job advertisement. There are also applications from the advertising channel. The time and cost savings offered by the digital variant and control are obvious. If talented people report their interest in a position, we get in direct personal contact.


This gives specialists and high potentials the opportunity to ask questions and find out details about the position. As a third instance, we are able to mediate positions neutrally and thus draw a holistic picture. From these interviews, a small group of suitable candidates remains, which we would be happy to introduce to you as a potential employer.


Companies benefit from our service at every level:


  • Time savings through efficient job advertisements, which we are happy to create for you
  • Time and cost savings by outsourcing the interview rounds
  • Final selection from preselected and suitable candidates
  • Excellent positioning as an employer through a professional and emphatic approach


Wie finden wir passende Talente?
Wie finden wir passende Talente?
Projektbasiert oder auf Dauer – Sie entscheiden

Project-based or permanent - you decide

As a company, you know your staffing needs best. You want to open up new markets and are looking for talented people in permanent positions? A specific project is pending, a position needs to be filled on a temporary basis? A new region is being developed, a lot of staff is needed at once, including competent engineers?


Your needs determine our actions. With RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) you entrust us with the entire, partial or project-related search for personnel. Whether start-up, corporation or medium-sized company: 90 percent of all the candidates we propose match the expectations of our customers. And that’s a number we’re quite proud of.


By the way: Our customers save money. Our services reduce costs per hire by up to 50 percent. And that goes hand in hand with a positively reported candidate experience of 93 percent.

Projektbasiert oder auf Dauer – Sie entscheiden

Lionstep as a recruitment agency for engineers

Are you a company looking for top talent? Do you need a reliable partner so that vacancies can be filled quickly and in a qualified manner? Contact us. We are at your disposal under our contact details. Take the first step with us today as an engineering recruitment agency.

Lionstep als Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure
Lionstep als Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure
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50% AI. 50% human. 100% successful active sourcing.

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AI finds..

Intelligent algorithms compare hundreds of thousands of talent profiles on websites, social networks and in our talent pool. In this way, we find potential candidates digitally who exactly match your search profile.


... people connect

On average, we invite up to 300 talents to a telephone interview. On request including video and soft skill analysis. According to your specifications, we check qualifications, experience and salary expectations, among other things. We have a hit? Then it's time to introduce you to each other!


We know your industry

Every industry has its own job titles and requirements. Experienced experts support our recruiters in selecting suitable talents.


Well informed at all times

Your Lionstep online account shows all the talents we are in contact with. You get an insight into application documents and comments from our recruiters. If a talent drops out of the process, you can find out the reasons for the rejection here – including statistics and meaningful benchmarks for your industry


No more spam

Recruiters offering talent to needless companies multiple times a day? Headhunters contacting talent for completely inappropriate positions? It's frustrating. With us, both sides know what to expect - with success: 90% of the talents we recommend are invited to an interview by companies.

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