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International recruitment is one of our most requested services of all. Our sources allow us to find what we are looking for quickly and reliably for our customers. Our goal is to move your company forward – with specialists who bring ideas and know-how to the table.

Welche Branchen nutzen die Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure?
Welche Branchen nutzen die Personalvermittlung für Ingenieure?
Ingenieur Personalvermittlung

Why is international recruitment so important?

If you want to make your company future-proof, competitive and innovative, you rely on international recruitment, among other things. There are many reasons for that. The most important are the shortage of skilled workers or the expansion of locations outside the known geographical area. This makes it easier to open up new markets and business areas.


On the other hand, international talents bring a different educational background and experience with them. The resulting synergies bring a breath of fresh air into a company and can profitably advance product development or strategic decisions. Last but not least, by recruiting international talent, companies avoid unfilled positions. Positions that would perhaps have to be filled with less qualified staff without these talents can also be filled adequately.

At the same time, we also talk about diversity in a company. Different cultural backgrounds within the workforce are exciting for young talents and specialists who value internationality in a company. Employers who opt for international recruitment automatically expand their pool of applicants. In this way, the search for suitable candidates can be tailored to your needs.

Ingenieur Personalvermittlung

How does international recruitment work?

International recruitment goes hand in hand with digital (or rather, hybrid) recruitment. This small but subtle difference is easily explained. Digital recruitment focuses on computer-driven processes. In hybrid recruitment, the focus is also on the human and personal component.


At Lionstep, people always come first, because they are the ones we work for and with. We are constantly advancing process optimization with our internally developed and award-winning IT platform. But what would our work be without personal contact with our customers and talents?


At Lionstep, we use the best of both worlds. Data-based and AI-controlled processes enable us to contact talented people worldwide. And it’s just as easy for interested talents to get in touch with us. Either with just a few mouse clicks on the smartphone as feedback on a job advertisement that we send by email. Or via an individual candidate login directly on our website.


Modern methods of recruitment such as Active Sourcing or RPO open the awareness for internationality. Are you a company looking for high potentials, experienced specialists and the best talents? Talk to us, we will look for and find suitable candidates from an international talent pool.

internationale Personalvermittlung
internationale Personalvermittlung
Unternehmen stellen internationale Talente

Which companies are hiring international talent?

Companies in all sectors and sizes (almost) all have something in common: They are clearly feeling the ubiquitous shortage of skilled workers. It is often enough the reason why companies are downright blocked in their visions, goals and strategic orientation.


Companies that turn to the international talent market as a logical consequence therefore demonstrate strategic sensitivity. The inhibition threshold for the first international recruitment may be a little higher, especially for smaller companies. With Lionstep as a partner, recruitment abroad or recruitment from abroad is easy.

Jobs with mediation from abroad: This works for start-ups and medium-sized companies as well as for large companies. Here, too, the reasons for hiring are very different:


  • Opening up new markets or regions
  • Planning international product launches
  • Fresh input with the expertise of international employees
  • Positioning as an attractive employer: internal brand
  • Avoidance of vacancies in certain positions


With Lionstep as an international headhunter, you have an efficient partner at your side. Our many years of experience, our market and industry knowledge and over 900 satisfied customer companies are our best references. Contact us!

Unternehmen stellen internationale Talente

Recruitment international: contact to onboarding

As a company, you have recruited a talent from abroad, and both sides are looking forward to working together. And now? How can talent be well integrated into your own company? Of course we are happy to support you here as well. First indications can be the following:


  • Does the talent know where they will be received on their first day of work? Is the dress code clear? What documents do I need to bring with me?
  • Do I have to apply for a work visa?
  • What requirements must be met for remote work or home office?
  • Which applications must be made to the authorities?
  • Is a language course appropriate?
  • How is the accommodation situation? Is mobility guaranteed?


Those who value excellent employer branding are fully available as contact persons for new employees. Depending on the company philosophy, the focus may even be more on positions that enable remote work. Working where and when you want: For many specialists, this is the perfect solution. A laptop, a telephone, powerful Internet access – done.


Companies must, for example, take into account a possible time difference. Is there a core working time when everyone involved in a project must be available? Which way is chosen for the physical exchange of documents, if one should be necessary? Is periodic attendance required?


Lionstep: Your partner for international recruitment

What does working with Lionstep mean to you? We will be happy to convince you with our services:


  • Fast and tailor-made solutions
  • Cost savings of up to 50 percent compared to conventional agencies
  • Flexible adjustment options to changing recruitment needs
  • Own customer login for your transparent overview
  • Pricing on a prepaid basis
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager 


We founded our company in Zurich in 2016. We now operate worldwide at more than 15 locations. Lionstep is growing – over 100 employees at over 15 locations in Europe, USA and Asia ensure that our customers get what they want. These are the right talents for vacancies, professional personnel consulting and a sparring partner for strategic orientations.


There are two things we focus on. On the one hand, there is the professionalism and the unconditional reliability to which we commit ourselves. And then it’s the people we get to work with. We enjoy what we do. You can see that in our work and the positive feedback on our very own approach over and over again.


Do you want to take the next step and are looking for an international recruitment agency? Have you been working with a multicultural workforce for a long time and are you looking for a suitable agency for daily business or special tasks? Use our contact form easily and conveniently. Whether international recruitment, strategic personnel planning or an acute need for specialists: we are happy to be there for you.

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