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Lionstep’s technology-driven sourcing currently supports over 500 companies. We find qualified & interested candidates globally, while maintaining the best candidate experience possible. 96% of candidates feel Lionstep communication is innovative, helpful, and friendly.


What is our Active Sourcing Service?

The competition for top talents is increasing, and Lionstep is committed to finding, attracting, and sourcing the best. We use a proactive and efficient recruiting approach – active sourcing – to attract talents, reducing the time it takes to hire.

Active sourcing is not a new idea. However, our implementation is. We digitize recruiting to make life easier for candidates and companies. This involves an ideal mixing of people, processes, and technologies to recruit the best talent.

Our technology speeds up the initial process of identifying potential candidates. We then apply multichannels to identify the most suitable talent profiles. Our Lionstep recruiters personally speak to and review all talents, ensuring the best qualification results and candidate experience.

The benefits of Lionstep’s Active Sourcing

Talent profiling & market feedback

Combined with our Lionstep recruiters, our technology ensures precise talent profiling. We sort for education, experience, personal characteristics, possible salary expectations, and personal interests. Clients are informed about trending candidate requirements and reasons for candidate rejections.

Enhanced candidate experience

Our NPS Survey shows a 96% candidate satisfaction rate. Our candidate-centric focus is embedded seamlessly in our search, outreach, sharing, call booking, and interview processes. Lionstep recruiters personally review and talk with candidates, which is essential to establishing great experiences.

Reduced costs

Our cost-effective digitized processes and pay-as-you-go pricing models means we charge no success fees. Our clients save 3x the costs of traditional recruitment services.

Support & guidance

Each company has different requirements, goals, and levels of inhouse recruiting capabilities. Lionstep offers a scalable recruitment process. We can source locally and globally, while remaining compliant within the DSGVO scope.

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How it works

In 5 core steps, we help you source, engage and hire the best talents globally. Lionstep works 100% success based, connecting you to candidates who are personally vetted for qualification, interest, and availability.


Defining the position and ideal candidate profile.


Using multichannels to source potential candidates.


Contacting suitable candidates.

Calling Personally

Screening by a Lionstep recruiter using personal and precise criteria.


Delivering qualified, interested & available candidates.


Our personable sourcing is unique

Active Sourcing is not a new idea. However, our implementation is. We digitize recruiting to make life easier for candidates and companies. This involves the ideal mix of people, processes, and technologies to recruit the best talent.


Our clients love to roar

“Lionstep has managed to digitize recruiting in a sustainable and efficient way. At the same time, the personal contact between recruiters and candidates remains an integral part of the candidate experience, which is unique on the market. Through Lionstep, we can be sure to always meet candidates who are qualified, motivated, and who match on a personal level our business culture.”

Ilka Sauer

HR Director DACH / Procurator

”Lionstep perfectly fits into our business philosophy: Work is for bots, life is for humans. Machines take over the work and let us concentrate on the humans. Lionstep enables us to talk to outstanding talents.”

Kristian Kabashi

Managing Director Digital

“Lionstep supports us to get access to local and international talents in the fields of technology and communications in a convenient and transparent way.”

Claudio Zinsli


”Lionstep significantly contributes to the improvement of recruiting processes, giving them more coherence and putting them in a true digital context.”

Emilio Froján

Business Development

“Lionstep is a highly innovative and powerful tool for the recruiting of profiles. The use of big data in recruiting processes has shown us excellent results and facilitated the identification of the candidates who best suit our open positions.”

Florie Saulnier

Global HR