About Us

Our Vision

A fully connected labour market - find talent in an instant. All powered by people, with a little help from technology.

Our Mission

We work day'n night to help our clients find the right talent for their company. We enable our customers to grow substantially by combining the most innovative technologies and most charismatic people.

Lionstep team

Lionstep Values

Be transparent

No blackbox, no extra fees. See what you get.

Be better

Go the extra mile. We work hard to create value.


Connecting data, people and companies.

Dream big

Tomorrow's innovation, today.

Short History

Founded in Zurich

Lionstep was founded by Claudia Winkler and José Parra Moyano in Zurich Switzerland.

New product launches

Several new product launches and the expansion of the database to 300 Mio. profiles covering almost every industry. Offices in Zurich, Spain and Romania and 15 motivated, dedicated and hard-working LIONS.

Joined Forces

Merger with Tao, a HR Tech start-up specialized in processing large amounts of data and addressing talent through social media bots. We welcomed Alexander Mazzara, Stefan Jaecklin and Leila Summa to our team.

The Lionstep Team

Claudia Winkler

Co-Founder & CEO

Alexander Mazzara

Co-Founder & Head of Revenue

Radu Tanase

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Patrik Breitenmoser

Head of Product

Alexandra Vrinceanu

Operations & Marketing Manager

Tina Schwärzler

Head of Operations & Recruiting

Patrick Lienhard

Client Success Manager

Hamide Ademi

Client Success Manager

Annika Mumbauer

Senior Recruiting Specialist

Aliai Derbini

Senior Recruiting Specialist

Célestine Suter

Senior Recruiting Specialist
Janine Jordi, Premium HR Expert Lionstep

Janine Jordi

Premium HR Expert

Andreea Gavrilovici

Lead Developer

Dragoș Catarahia

Lead Software Architect

Ionut Milas

Software Engineer

Cristian Pasca

Frontend Developer

Vlad Crisan

Data Scientist

Robert Man

UXUI Designer

Selma Mohr

Senior Marketing Manager
Simone Schweizer

Simone Schweizer

Back Office & Accounting

Sarah Meierhans

Success Manager

Damien Bächli

Recruiting Specialist

Lina Plattner

Recruiting Specialist

Maria Rinck

Recruiting Specialist

Julia Browarzik

Recruiting Specialist

Board of Advisors

Prof. Dr. Uschi Backes-Gellner

Professor for Business and Personnel Economics

Director of Swiss Leading House "Economics of Education, Firm Behaviour and Training Policies"


Prof. Dr. Karl Schmedders

Professor of Quantitative Business Administration


Aloys Hirzel

Communication and Strategy Counseling


Patrik Breitenmoser

Former CTO of JobCloud

Leila Summa

Senior Advisor & Digital Entrepreneur

Former Managing Director at Xing Marketing Solutions


Dr. Stefan Jaecklin

Startup Entrepreneur

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