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Big Goals

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Connecting data, people and companies with each other.

Short History


Founded in Zurich

Lionstep was founded in 2016 with a focus on digitizing the recruiting landscape.


Continued Development

After several months of consulting work for large international companies, the core team developed a very talent-centric active-sourcing tool within 2017.


A high degree of digitization, the latest data analytics technologies, simple and transparent processes combined with global consulting excellence will set new recruiting standards. With the launch at the end of 2017 Lionstep started a journey of success...

The Team


Claudia Bolliger-Winkler

Co-Founder & CEO


Alexander Mazzara

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Radu Tanase

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Patrik Breitenmoser

Head of Product

Catrin Möhwald

COO & Chief Candidate Officer

Jonas Wälti


David Boll

Head of People & Culture

Ralph Conrad

VP Customer Success

Tina Schwärzler

Head of Customer Success Operations


Hamide Ademi

Customer Success Manager

Rahel Guggenbühl

Customer Success Manager

Katharina Weber

Customer Success Manager

Martine Westervelt

Customer Success Manager

Dario Chiozza

Customer Success Manager

Leonie Gasser

Customer Success Specialist

Michelle Winter

Senior Customer Success Support

Brentan Marianayagam

Customer Success Support

Sophie Maleen Harders

Customer Success Support

Olivier Fischer

Engagement Director EMEA

Kai Bieg

Engagement Manager DACH

Timo Kranz

Enterprise Account Director

Jeremy Grob

Account Executive

Natal Marjakaj

Account Specialist

Imke Kappernagel

Team Lead New Business


Alexandra Vrinceanu

Head Candidate Success


Maria Rinck

Director Consulting PMO

Miriam Pflanzer

Project Management Officer


Aliai Derbini

Senior Recruiter

Katrin Mumbauer


Leon Johenneken

Director of Recruiting


Nina Muckel

Senior Recruiter

Nicole Volpers


Michael Eckert


Melanie Nemeth


Korinna Fränzel


Funda Başkan


Danai Tsingiridis


Ines Dias Cardoso


Joan Christine Oechsle

Recruiter & PMO

Marie-Lou Linsen


Miskakis Kiriakos


Zeina Güven

Recruitment Channel Marketing Manager

Alexandra Mihalache

Account Specialist

Alexandra-Raluca Curecheriu

Account Specialist

Petrut-Sebastian Teslarasu

Account Specialist

Octavian Tacacsi

Account Specialist

Doris Volosciuc

Director of Talent Acquisition

Dumitru Bucse

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Oprea Carabulea

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Mara Vinersar

Talent Acquisition Manager

Florina Herta

Talent Acquisition Manager

Daniel Maxim

Talent Acquisition Manager

Alexandra Stroe

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Marcel Vinersar

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Diana Popa

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Mihaela Lepsa

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Florin Gabriel Tacacsi

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Andreea Gavrilovici

Lead Developer

Andrija Vulicevic

Senior Frontend Developer

Vladimir Prsendic

Frontend Developer

Zarko Vulikic

Senior Backend Developer

Mladen Dakic

Backend Developer

Marius Vecian

QA Engineer

Boris Milošević

UX/UI Designer

Ioana Ficut

Candidate Journey Lead


Célestine Suter

Business Development Manager

Simone Schweizer

Back Office & Accounting

Board of Advisors

Simone Thompson

Strategy Development & Implementation Expert

COO & Head of Business Development, PG Impact Investments AG

Prof. Dr. Karl Schmedders

Professor of Quantitative Business Administration at University of Zurich.

Aloys Hirzel

Communication and Strategy Counseling

Senior Partner at Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Konsulenten AG.

Lex Verweij

Partner at PA Consulting and London chapter leader of Hacking HR, a global HR community of more than 69k followers.

Leila Summa

Senior Advisor & Digital Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO Play To Change GmbH. Former Managing Director at Xing Marketing Solutions.

Dr. Stefan Jaecklin

Startup Entrepreneur

Experienced in startup development, financial technology, private equity, financial markets and blockchain.

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