5 Top reasons to Write a Post-interview Rejection Letter

Alexander Mazzara 1, May 2018 3 min

5 Top reasons to Write a Post-interview Rejection Letter

Believe it or not, candidates read their rejection letters from start to end. That gives us the opportunity to make an impression. After several hours of interviews and application, most of them will be down after being rejected. Some will be motivated to jump into the next. Of course, writing a rejection letter is not a task we look forward to, but avoiding it is much worse. Candidates will remember you as the company who didn’t even bother to get back to them. Invest a little time to show candidates that you care.

Post interview rejection letters are essential in the whole process. Their application experience is their first impression. A lifeless rejection letter template will inevitably turn a person from wanting to work for you to someone who will bad mouth you. Here are a few reasons why you have to soften the blow.

1. Maintaining future candidate pool

The rejected candidate today can be the next best candidate tomorrow. After a few years, they will have more experience and possibly a much better fit for a new position. Make a way to create an impact. Go your separate ways in excellent terms and leave the line open for future possibilities.

2. Net Promoter Score

Like any other customer service, our candidates are our customers. We want them to go back or recommend us to family and friends. Leaving a wrong impression on our applicants during the process will have a negative impact on the company. Most of the time, candidates will share their experience with friends and family members almost immediately after the application process. And if the candidate shares the bad review, the friends and family members will do the same.

3. It keeps them as your customers

The candidate experience will affect not only their impression of the company but their future needs. Making them feel valued may result in next market for products or services that the company offers. These candidates may not be eligible for a position. However, we want to maintain loyal customers all the time.

4. Professionalism

It maintains the company’s professionalism. A rejection letter is not a providing closure but acknowledging the candidate. We want to make them feel that we appreciate the time and effort. We want to let them know that we understand that this is very important to them. Ignoring their efforts after a painful application process is unprofessional.

5. Good impression

The population today expresses their need and experience to social media. These days, information is just a few seconds away from us and technology has come a long way. Maintaining a good reputation is vital in any business. We can’t afford someone to vent out their frustration online with thousands and possibly millions of audience because of simple cold-blooded rejection.

These letters are made to bring bad news, but that doesn’t mean we have to stick with the plan. A little effort goes a long way. The goal is to make the candidates feel that this rejection is not because of their limited skill set, it’s because there will be a better tomorrow.

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