3 Things You Should Do as a Startup to Hire as Fast as Possible

Alexander Mazzara 19, Jun 2018 4 min

As a co-founder of many startups like Joiz or Silenccio, I’ve seen this moment many times: When a startup has found its product-market fit and is seeing consistent growth month after month, hiring new talent becomes a top priority. Unfortunately, however, this is often easier said than done. After all, a business is only as good as its employees. Finding the right team that can work seamlessly together and continues that previously-mentioned growth, can become a lengthy and arduous process.

What’s more, there’s also the issue of the competition snatching up the top talent available on the market, in which case, speed is of the utmost importance. Alex Rahaman, CEO, and founder of StrikeAd said that “Startups are in a race to distinguish themselves. There is no better way to do so than striking while the iron is hot.”

Here at Lionstep, we have many startups (like Crowdhouse) as clients too and we learn from them and our experience a lot. Here are three things you should do as a startup to increase the speed and proficiency at which you hire new and qualified personnel to fill in the gaps.

Make Use of a Recruiting Company

Recruiting companies exist precisely for this purpose. They help businesses, big and small, to find qualified talent that fit like a glove within the overall company culture. Not all recruiting companies are the same, with each of them taking a different approach to the issue.

Lionstep, for instance, prides itself on the ability to help startups scale up at a much faster pace than other employment agencies, even it seems improbable or even darn right impossible, Lionstep can, nevertheless, shorten the hiring process to less than 72 hours from the job opening to the actual hire.

We do this by making use of a combination of software, AI, and big data that automates the entire screening and hiring process, thus eliminating the human error factor and significantly reducing the time needed to find a suitable candidate. But we use than our recruiters (yes, yes: human recruiters) to call candidates and check their interest and pre-qualify talents.

Never Stop Recruiting

Though it might seem counterintuitive at first, keeping the hiring and screening process up and running even after all job openings have been filled, is a great survival tool for every startup. You never know when you will stumble upon a top-tier candidate that can be an excellent addition to the team.  

When you establish one such continuous recruitment process, fast hiring will be a walk in the park. Likewise, if and when a position does open up, your startup will already have several leads to choose from, instead of having to start from scratch. Just have that in mind: As you are always selling as a startup – you are always recruiting!

Have a Great Training Plan

There is no point in rushing the hiring process, as the turnover rate might be equally as swift. If this happens, the time, energy, and resources you have placed in this process will mostly go to waste. It is why it’s so important to provide all new hires with an active employee onboarding experience

The first several weeks are critical for every new employee to form a long-lasting impression about the company’s culture, colleagues, and work style. It, in turn, will affect their productivity, be it for better or worse. Your training plan should address these issues and make sure that your new hires understand how the startup operates, how co-workers cooperate with each other, and what are the primary goals and challenges of the company. 


These tips presented here will help your organization streamline its hiring process and ensure continued growth without any serious setbacks. For more information about Lionstep and the recruiting experience that it has to offer, feel free to visit our site, get a demo (just say hello to our messenger in the website) connect with us via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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