Recruiting Challenges – & How to Overcome Them

Selma Mohr 20, May 2020 5 min
3 challenges recruiters face

There are 3 core recruiting challenges in today’s economy.

👤Challenge #1: Knowing exactly who you are looking for – workforce planning


Knowing the skill gaps in your company, and planning on who you will need in the future can be one of the most significant challenges. 

  • An analysis in the future of jobs report by WEF estimated that 133 million new roles may emerge in the near future. This means that new skills will be required, and some skills become obsolete – and it is imperative you are ready for them.
  • We have created a helpful post to analyse a skill gap within 6 steps. The main 3 current strategies to overcome the skill gap are: hiring new staff, automating work tasks and re-training existing staff.

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Use HR analytics to gain meaningful insights about what profiles to look for and where best to look for

When you apply hiring analytics, you can save time, resources and make sure you actually hire the right skills.

  • Look at your recruiting funnel to analyze key metrics: are quality candidates applying to your vacancy? Which part of the recruitment funnel takes the longest?
  • Our post on hiring analytics goes through all the metrics you should be tracking.

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đź’ˇChallenge #2: Getting the attention of top candidates

With many company profiles out there, and busy social media accounts, it can be difficult to capture the attention of top talents. 


Make sure your online presence is up to date

Candidates will search online for employee reviews, and anything they can find about your company – they want to be sure that they are applying to a great company.

  • Therefore you need to stay attentive and ensure you reach out to any reviews you receive. We have created a guide to help you manage online employee reviews. 
  • Check out any other online directories, to ensure your company information is up-to-date and relevant – ideally with the same branding and communication throughout

Build a strong employer brand that makes great candidates want to apply to you

  • Formulating the brand persona and voice together with your employees, to decide on hashtags, themes, specific words, colors, to use throughout your corporate communication. 
  • Put your team in the spotlight, by sharing stories of employees, pictures of the work environment and company events
  • Use your branding in job descriptions, including company related terms, real visuals (no stock images), maybe even testimonials or quotes from team members

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Consider reaching out to recruiting services or tools. Active sourcing strategies can be very helpful when competing for top talent. 

  • Reach out to talents instead of waiting for them to apply. For this, it’s best to use a multi-channel approach to look on various platforms depending on the role, for example stackoverflow for tech talent, etc.
  • When looking for a good recruiting service, think about: people skills & sensitivity, degree of specialization, discretion and professionalism. You can find out all the details to take into account when look for a good recruiting service in our post here.

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🔥Challenge #3 Making your offer the most attractive, as top talents receive multiple offers at the same time

While capturing the attention is one part, the other remains actually hiring the top candidate. For this to work, the offer needs to be attractive. Top candidates are often receiving multiple offers at once.


Make sure the offer is complete and attractive

  • Includes all the relevant benefits in your job description. You can check out our post on what to include in your job description to help captivate candidate interest

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Make the first contact/ job interview great experiences 

  • If you contact potential candidates, make sure to be personal in your approach and relevant – show that you spent time looking at their profile and explain why you consider they are a great fit. You can check out our tips for the job interview here.
  • The job interview is often a deciding factor, when candidates receive multiple offers 

65% of candidates saying that a bad interview experience makes them lose interest in the job. 

  • Provide all the relevant details and make sure you can answer all questions running through a candidates mind, such as responsibilities of the role, who they would report to or location-based questions.
  • After the interview, it’s crucial to provide feedback to candidates, even if you don’t consider hiring them. Provide a clear timeline in advance to let them know when they can expect to hear back from you.

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New challenges are an opportunity for creative solutions

Recruiting is complex. Of course, there are more than 3 challenges recruiters face. There are various factors to consider but you are not alone. Someone has almost certainly experienced the same challenge before you, and there are a lot of helpful resources and tools, including Lionstep.

Don’t forget to ask for help! We are happy to support your recruiting and discuss together, how you can optimize your candidate search. Simply contact us today.

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